Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Life In Boxes

Our little family is moving! No, we didn't just purchase a house. It's the opposite. We are moving back into a one bedroom (currently in a two bedroom apartment). Why? Well..

  • Kayleigh NEVER sleeps, plays, or hangs out in her room. It's pretty much used as a closet where we keep most of her belongings.  
  • Cleaning a two bedroom is exhausting. The one year old mess machine does not make things easier. 
  • Our walls are empty. Because of our crazy, nonsense rent we never have money left over to purchase things for our home. Actually, we never have money for anything! I was fine with it at first but after a year I long for the day where I'll be able to buy a $2 chocolate bar without going into panic mode.
  • Last but not least, I don't feel at home here.
I'm not sure why but I have never liked this bigger apartment. I feel odd in it as if I do not belong. I'm pretty excited to move. I've been looking for ideas to make my home more 'homey'. I'll be documenting a lot more when we move. Thrifting is another though I have for one of my future projects. My head is pounding from all the plans I have had lately. I'm beginning to think it's exceeded it's idea limit.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Sometime little one you are a handful. I wouldn't trade you for the world. When my world doesn't make sense you are the one thing that does. You complete me. 

While daddy was away at a men's retreat I'd like to think that you and I did some serious bonding time. It was time that we needed. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Proverbs 14:1

Hello Strangers,

Tonight I would love to share with you what has spoken to my heart today while I was doing my daily bible study. I love reading the word. I love learning about God and the love of Jesus. I love gaining wisdom and understanding. It's an amazing feeling really. You feel full, complete, loved. Though reading my bible takes discipline.. and a lot of it, at the end there are no regrets. I also try my best not to go through the motion of reading my bible. I try not to make it something to check off of my to do list but rather have it be something I cannot wait to get to do. Something I NEED to do because I feel incomplete without it. I'm not perfect, there are days that reading my bible (or reading at all) is the last thing I would like to do. Sometimes I just want to sleep, or watch TV, or blog about silly things. God continues to work in me though and he'll do so until the day that I die.

I want to say I have about a thousand bibles but the one I've been most fond of lately is one I received for free from a church we were visiting when we were searching for a 'home' church. It was simple, nothing fancy and maybe that's why I loved it so much. I've had study bibles before and a big one that was made of real leather. It cost me a pretty penny too. None have really compared with this one though. Maybe it was because it gave me a fresh start? Who knows.

This is a Martha Stewart spiral journal. It's lovely right? I loved it as soon as I saw it. This is where I write down some bible verses I'd love to remember and where I write down my prayers. I've never truly been able to sit down and just verbally pray. Sometimes I do it in the car on my way to work or on my way home but that's just to thank God for a brand new day or to talk to him about my crappy day.

The bible verse is Proverbs 14:1. 'A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands'.

Now I've read this before because it was highlighted, but I don't ever recall truly letting it speak to my heart. At least not the way it did today. Maybe when I was reading it before I was 'going through the motions'? I can't remember. Today though, it really moved me. I consider myself to be a wise woman.. but am I 'building' my home? I consider my home to be not just my physical apartment/house.. but rather my husband and my daughter. I would never want to tear them down. I do not want to be a foolish woman.

Though I don't think I am foolish, I still had to think of ways I could build up my home if I was not doing so already. I made myself a list (I love lists!).

In no special order here they are:

1. Organization - I would love to be more organized. I'd love to have my family come home to a nice, clean apartment in order to unwind and relax. Though there is much mess here I can blame Kayleigh (one year old daughter) for, I know the other half of the unmet tasks are all on me. I think It's going to take me a week to wash and fold everyone's clothes. Geez! Never will I let it get as bad as it has been.

2. Finance - We have nothing in our savings account. The little we do have is because I just a week ago decided it was time to start saving up for the rainy days. My husband used to be so good at putting money away. I'm not sure what has happened, but it looks like I'll be taking up the responsibility of our savings account. I don't mind. The feeling I have after I add money to our savings account is rewarding.

3. Spiritually - Though I read my bible daily my family never sees it. I do most of my bible reading at work since I have more time to sit and talk with my God. It's a bit hard to do so at home when I have this and that to do plus a one year old running around and a husband who keeps asking me where his keys are. This would be my main priority. I want them to see that I love Jesus and I am living my life for him. I want to have long talks about God with them. I want to read the bible with my tiny one. If I am going to build my home at all, it needs to be through our Savior.

4. Marriage/Husband - Last but definitely not least. My church is currently talking about marriages and I've learned so much. I've learned that without God there would be no happy marriage. Without God, there is nothing. I want a God centered marriage with my husband and I have been talking to him more and more about it. I'll continue to do so until I see a change. Yes, things are wonderful now. We love each other so much and respect each other to the fullest. We are what one thinks of when they hear the words 'perfect relationship', but there is little talk about God. We go to church twice a week but never do we leave talking about what we have learned. We have so much growing to do and i'm so excited for it all.

These are my ideas on how to build my home. I refuse to be foolish. I refuse to tear down my family. I love them very much and I'll do anything for them. I'm glad the Holy Spirit really talked to me through his word today. I learned so much from just one verse. It just takes one verse to make one work on a certain area in their lives. I love His word!

I also love checking this off at the end of my day. That and sweet tea before bed. (Yes, you read right. Sweet tea.)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

'Ma' & 'Da'

Her new names for us. I love it. We're one step closer to being mommy and daddy. She knows her name is Kayleigh and I would love for her to know that I am her mom 'ma' and Timothy is her dad 'da'. Our lives are at the park. She loves it there and we wouldn't be anywhere else.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Day Designer 2014

Hello All!

I am currently really under the weather. Before I go to bed to feel sorry for myself for catching this horrible bug I'm going to see if I can get this last minute blog post out of me. Today was filled with so much happy mail! Not only did I receive the Day Designer you will soon read about but I also had the lovely Alba send me a few goodies. See! Today I felt loved.

Though I've used a Filofax for the past few years I've found myself to be a bit of a slacker. The Filofax was not being used as a planner but rather a diary. I kept bits and pieces of my days in my diary section and wrote what happened a specific day. Though it made me busy (because I so desperately wanted to fill the days with things I had done) it was no keeping me organized. The brand was not at all to blame. I think I just realized that I needed something I couldn't decorate or really use as a diary. I needed a planner!

I've seen the Day Designer before on Pinterest. The first time it caught my eye I kept scrolling. The second time it caught my eye I decided to check it out and the price tag sent me running for the hills. (Yes, I pay a pretty penny for my Filofax planners but they are almost all leather. The Day Designer is pretty much just a huge spiral bound notebook). I'm not sure what made me make the purchase. There are no Youtube videos to enable me and there aren't as many pictures of the thing. Their popularity is nothing compared to Filofax.

I'm no expert, so this isn't going to be a full out review. I know this planner was made for the hearts of entrepreneurs and well, that I am not. I'm just a single gal who needed a grown up agenda and this seems to fit the bill. I will direct you to the description Whitney English (the maker of the Day Designer) has for everyone as well as her original blog and Etsy shop if you are interested.  

It does have a pocket for me to take my much needed extra's with me everywhere. I love that! 

This is not exactly the very beginning of the planner. The first few pages make you go more into the depth of your goals and dreams. For me at the moment I first opened and read those first few pages it became a little overwhelming so I decided skip straight to planning and I'll focus on my goals/dreams at a better time. Everything is very simple. Above you see the month on two pages. 

And here you'll see the actual day to day planning. At first I feared not being able to cover the whole page with stuff I had done or accomplished but now I am forced to let it be. There's no way I can cover each page with stickers, sticky notes, etc. Plus, I really want it to look a bit more professional in order for me to keep it open at work. Isn't it lovely?

I wish I could show you the whole week like I would in a Filofax. I cannot wait to see how well this will work for me. For 70 dollars.. this better work out. 

I think my body is giving up on my now. I'm going to listen to my sleepy sick eyes and go to bed. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Relying on God

A couple of things have happened recently that have made me rely on God a whole lot more than I did. I wish I could go into details of those events but really and truly I'd rather keep this to myself. I will say though that God has been a great best friend and I don't know why it's taken me so long to see that he can be both God and a friend all at the same time. It's a wonderful relationship I pray will never leave. Though Satan is still working hard to bring the main area of my life down, I will not fall. I will not break. If for any reason I do I'll be sure to do so in the presence of God so not Satan or anyone else can touch me. It's a great feeling when you realize why things in your life, good or bad, are happening. It's a great feeling.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week Recap

I like to keep track of what has happened in my past week and really reflect on those events Sunday night.

Monday - I believe this blog was created.
Tuesday - Visited one of my closest friends and was given my beautiful new guitar
Wednesday - Went to see the movie 'Frozen' with that same friend & also applied for my spring semester classes that morning.
Thursday - A silly adventure with my husband. Trying to make it home after we ran out of gas and were both without cash and debit cards.
Friday - Lunch date with my sweet fella. Also, my Osterley Filofax was waiting for me in my mail box.
Saturday - My little nephews birthday party. Also, my Malden Filofax arrived in the mail.

                                      isn't it lovely?

Sunday - Sadly, we missed church. We did go to the park with our little girl and after went to the Half Price Books. I could practically live there.

I'm so incredibly happy with my calm life. The simple things in life are the sweetest blessings.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hello Rain, Hello Rain

She loves the outside. That's how we know she's definitely one of us. That's how I know she is the daughter of my husband. He is adventurous, curious, and exciting. She is JUST like him and I love it. I miss my husband every hour that I am away from him. Being with her, it's as if I am with him also.

I hope this side of her never leaves. I want to show her the world (haha Aladdan). No but really, I want to travel with her and my sweet fella. I want to see different cultures, religions, and other peoples ways of living. I want her to see that there is more to life than this place. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Tonight was a real treat. My sweet friend goes back to San Marcos tomorrow and I won't see her for a while. Our friendship is pretty great. We can go so long without seeing each other and sometimes we won't talk for a couple of weeks but when she's in town it's like she never left.

My mom cares for Kayleigh today which is perfect because her house and my friend's house are literally 2 minutes away, if that. So I was able to buy me some Chick Fil A for dinner, head to her house, go watch the movie, then pick up my daughter afterwards. Also was able to see other friends from high school which was nice. Sometimes I forget I'm still 21 years old. Besides my husband, they also bring out my youth which I love. It's like taking a break from the corporate world I live in from 8-5pm.

I'm finally home and there's nothing I enjoy more than making notes of these memories.

Monday, January 6, 2014

A place for myself

I don't think anyone besides me will ever read this blog. Tonight, it's being created so I'll have a place to type out my thoughts. If a few strangers happen to stumble upon it, then hello strangers! But truly, this little place in the web universe is simply for me. There is no theme. Some might find my life to be.. well boring. Work, gym, school, then I go home to my husband and one year old. I guess if I were any other 21 year old in the world I'd have to agree. But you see, there are these special moments that you have to experience yourself in order to see that my life is truly wonderful. I'm so incredibly happy with my calm life and with the few I get to share it with. Maybe that is another reason why I need this blog. So one night when my daughter is crying to be changed or my husband and I are not getting along, I'll have these memories in record to remind me that a bad day does not mean a bad life. The grass is not always greener.

Tonight was sweet and simple. My husband went off to watch the football game with his best friend. My original plans were to go to the gym then head home and cuddle all night with my handsome fella, but giving my daughter a warm bath on this cold Monday night and rocking her to sleep is just fine. My plans are never set in stone and sometimes it's alright with me.

Goodnight strangers.