Monday, January 6, 2014

A place for myself

I don't think anyone besides me will ever read this blog. Tonight, it's being created so I'll have a place to type out my thoughts. If a few strangers happen to stumble upon it, then hello strangers! But truly, this little place in the web universe is simply for me. There is no theme. Some might find my life to be.. well boring. Work, gym, school, then I go home to my husband and one year old. I guess if I were any other 21 year old in the world I'd have to agree. But you see, there are these special moments that you have to experience yourself in order to see that my life is truly wonderful. I'm so incredibly happy with my calm life and with the few I get to share it with. Maybe that is another reason why I need this blog. So one night when my daughter is crying to be changed or my husband and I are not getting along, I'll have these memories in record to remind me that a bad day does not mean a bad life. The grass is not always greener.

Tonight was sweet and simple. My husband went off to watch the football game with his best friend. My original plans were to go to the gym then head home and cuddle all night with my handsome fella, but giving my daughter a warm bath on this cold Monday night and rocking her to sleep is just fine. My plans are never set in stone and sometimes it's alright with me.

Goodnight strangers.

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