Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Tonight was a real treat. My sweet friend goes back to San Marcos tomorrow and I won't see her for a while. Our friendship is pretty great. We can go so long without seeing each other and sometimes we won't talk for a couple of weeks but when she's in town it's like she never left.

My mom cares for Kayleigh today which is perfect because her house and my friend's house are literally 2 minutes away, if that. So I was able to buy me some Chick Fil A for dinner, head to her house, go watch the movie, then pick up my daughter afterwards. Also was able to see other friends from high school which was nice. Sometimes I forget I'm still 21 years old. Besides my husband, they also bring out my youth which I love. It's like taking a break from the corporate world I live in from 8-5pm.

I'm finally home and there's nothing I enjoy more than making notes of these memories.

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