Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our Life In Boxes

Our little family is moving! No, we didn't just purchase a house. It's the opposite. We are moving back into a one bedroom (currently in a two bedroom apartment). Why? Well..

  • Kayleigh NEVER sleeps, plays, or hangs out in her room. It's pretty much used as a closet where we keep most of her belongings.  
  • Cleaning a two bedroom is exhausting. The one year old mess machine does not make things easier. 
  • Our walls are empty. Because of our crazy, nonsense rent we never have money left over to purchase things for our home. Actually, we never have money for anything! I was fine with it at first but after a year I long for the day where I'll be able to buy a $2 chocolate bar without going into panic mode.
  • Last but not least, I don't feel at home here.
I'm not sure why but I have never liked this bigger apartment. I feel odd in it as if I do not belong. I'm pretty excited to move. I've been looking for ideas to make my home more 'homey'. I'll be documenting a lot more when we move. Thrifting is another though I have for one of my future projects. My head is pounding from all the plans I have had lately. I'm beginning to think it's exceeded it's idea limit.

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