Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Day Designer 2014

Hello All!

I am currently really under the weather. Before I go to bed to feel sorry for myself for catching this horrible bug I'm going to see if I can get this last minute blog post out of me. Today was filled with so much happy mail! Not only did I receive the Day Designer you will soon read about but I also had the lovely Alba send me a few goodies. See! Today I felt loved.

Though I've used a Filofax for the past few years I've found myself to be a bit of a slacker. The Filofax was not being used as a planner but rather a diary. I kept bits and pieces of my days in my diary section and wrote what happened a specific day. Though it made me busy (because I so desperately wanted to fill the days with things I had done) it was no keeping me organized. The brand was not at all to blame. I think I just realized that I needed something I couldn't decorate or really use as a diary. I needed a planner!

I've seen the Day Designer before on Pinterest. The first time it caught my eye I kept scrolling. The second time it caught my eye I decided to check it out and the price tag sent me running for the hills. (Yes, I pay a pretty penny for my Filofax planners but they are almost all leather. The Day Designer is pretty much just a huge spiral bound notebook). I'm not sure what made me make the purchase. There are no Youtube videos to enable me and there aren't as many pictures of the thing. Their popularity is nothing compared to Filofax.

I'm no expert, so this isn't going to be a full out review. I know this planner was made for the hearts of entrepreneurs and well, that I am not. I'm just a single gal who needed a grown up agenda and this seems to fit the bill. I will direct you to the description Whitney English (the maker of the Day Designer) has for everyone as well as her original blog and Etsy shop if you are interested.  

It does have a pocket for me to take my much needed extra's with me everywhere. I love that! 

This is not exactly the very beginning of the planner. The first few pages make you go more into the depth of your goals and dreams. For me at the moment I first opened and read those first few pages it became a little overwhelming so I decided skip straight to planning and I'll focus on my goals/dreams at a better time. Everything is very simple. Above you see the month on two pages. 

And here you'll see the actual day to day planning. At first I feared not being able to cover the whole page with stuff I had done or accomplished but now I am forced to let it be. There's no way I can cover each page with stickers, sticky notes, etc. Plus, I really want it to look a bit more professional in order for me to keep it open at work. Isn't it lovely?

I wish I could show you the whole week like I would in a Filofax. I cannot wait to see how well this will work for me. For 70 dollars.. this better work out. 

I think my body is giving up on my now. I'm going to listen to my sleepy sick eyes and go to bed. 

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