Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week Recap

I like to keep track of what has happened in my past week and really reflect on those events Sunday night.

Monday - I believe this blog was created.
Tuesday - Visited one of my closest friends and was given my beautiful new guitar
Wednesday - Went to see the movie 'Frozen' with that same friend & also applied for my spring semester classes that morning.
Thursday - A silly adventure with my husband. Trying to make it home after we ran out of gas and were both without cash and debit cards.
Friday - Lunch date with my sweet fella. Also, my Osterley Filofax was waiting for me in my mail box.
Saturday - My little nephews birthday party. Also, my Malden Filofax arrived in the mail.

                                      isn't it lovely?

Sunday - Sadly, we missed church. We did go to the park with our little girl and after went to the Half Price Books. I could practically live there.

I'm so incredibly happy with my calm life. The simple things in life are the sweetest blessings.

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