Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hazel Berry Paper on Etsy

Following Jillian Dolberry on Instagram has been the best decision made lately. No exaggeration. This girl had a 50% off coupon code for her Etsy shop and the excitement was not one that could be contained. Her work is beautiful! Jillian was able to customize a print with a favorite verse that has been engraved on my heart since day one of knowing Christ.

Shipping was satisfactory + the fun labels were absolutely the reason this package was not bent (like all the others normally received.)

The shop is called Hazel Berry Paper. Mostly, the site has prints and notepads for sell among a few other items.

The note was a sweet touch. The way a person puts together a package says a great deal about the heart and soul that is put into their business. Such is the reason many would rather purchase from a small online shop/store rather than the large corporate places like Target or Michael's. The 'extras' have a way of brightening up someones day!

These little scraps are usually things kept forever. A bit dorky, but, whatever.

That verse has had such a meaning in life. There was a season in where the loneliness and hurt in my heart became unbearable. Depression set in and it was difficult finding reasons to move forward. Surely, God's plans for my life were so great even then my little mind would not have been able to imagine the blessings of today. Through that long, hard period.. after being knocked down again and again, my faith in God grew stronger. My passion and longing to live out a life for him, loving him with all that I had, was bigger than ever before. 

This verse, everyday, reminded me that as long as I continued to seek Him and ask Him to come into my heart, nothing else mattered. Today, I know my Father in Heaven and love Him with all that I have. Daily, I study his word for wisdom and guidance and rely on Him, and only Him, for true happiness and love. 

I have found my loving, merciful God. My heart is whole once again.

Till next time,
Alondra K

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