Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pink Domino

This little pink planner has been incredibly difficult to find. I've had pink ring agendas before (Filofax brand) but this was the most coveted. To bad they had been discontinued and anyone who had one never dreamed of selling. Luckily, one person was willing to and I'm forever grateful.. especially since I messaged her a thousand times as soon as this person posted the Filofax for sale. It is called the Domino Filofax in pink. 

Shipping wasn't long so it was easy to keep myself distracted until it arrived. I began to use it right away. 

The pink dashboard is from Paper Addict. The pen is a Coleto pen sent to me by a friend. 

As all Dominos, there are 5 credit card slots on the left side as well as a long pocket that is great for cash or any other extra pieces of paper. 

It also has the elastic pen loop. So far it has taken skinny and fat pens perfectly!

My tabs are as follows: Misc, Phone, Diary, Diary, Notes. There aren't many but it's exactly what I need. 

The first diary section has a list of things I want to buy. I should of called it my wish list but oh well. 

My notes section is perfect to put all of my favorite things in one place. So many ask me why I don't just buy a regular planner from Target or Walmart. They are great, but most don't have a notes section and if they do they are only but a few pages, pages I cannot customize to my liking. With my Filofax, I am able to keep up with EVERYTHING.

Plus, I can also have this. My cards plus lovely bits and pieces I hate to throw away. I'm a bit of a hoarder that way. For now, I am satisfied. Mainly because I have no choice. My husband's birthday is next month and I am saving every penny possible. Let's see how I do. 

Till next time,
Alondra Karwowski