Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Best Organizing Tool

This past semester was by far the hardest. Maybe because Kayleigh is a little older and sleeping much less, or it could be the fact that we had to move and the changes were overwhelming, or for other personal reasons. Whatever it was, it kicked my butt. Yet even on the most busiest days, there was peace in my mind. Of course, because of Jesus. Nothing accomplished would be possible without my Savior. Another reason was because of this amazing planning tool. The Day Designer by Whitney English.

It's beautiful, but the fact is that this planner was not made for a full time employee going to school part time while maintaining a household. This lovely agenda is for the Entrepreneurs. Those who are their own bosses (someone I am not and might not ever be.) The only section utilized is the diary section. The rest, even the month at a glance is of no use to me which makes me sad. Those who own a business (or plan to) should really look into this organizer. It is a wonderful investment.

For 2015 Whitney should have these planners in a smaller size (look at Etsy shop for exact size) and the anticipation is killing me. The only way this thing could be more perfect is if it was small enough to take everywhere .. if my bag was not already heavy enough. 

But like I always say, life is short. Carry what you love. 

Till next time,
Alondra karwowski


  1. This would be perfect for me! I need to get more organize with my thoughts and all my lists. I make post-it note lists everywhere! lol

    1. This is the best for all of that! I haven't made a post it note in so long now that you mention it..