Thursday, April 10, 2014

You Are So Loved

& I feel it. My sweet friend Albanery Marie has been such a lovely blessing in my life. Not long ago I prayed to God for new friendships that would build me up. Friendships that would encourage and inspire me. I am excited to say that he has been answering my prayer. I cannot recall how it started, but I am grateful for this girl and admire her love for Jesus. 

My all time favorite gifts from her. The binder is from Target and they come in two sizes, I have the smaller one. It will be used for my bible study notes and references. The Journible (Proverbs book) is a journal in where one can hand write their notes for each verse of a specific chapter. I've been on Proverbs for a couple months now and plan to re-read it now that I have this amazing tool that will help me apply the word to my life. 

I'm not one to project life anything. I don't even have time to eat dinner some days much less sit down and scrapbook. But I still love PL items and often purchase them and use them in my Filofax. 


Till next time lovelies!

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