Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Friday: A sweet mother's day card from my pumpkin made at daycare.
A little shopping at Southlake Town Square & dinner with my husband and brother in law.

Saturday: Morning with my nuggets. Lots of laughs & cuddles. We also went to the mall for some food and more play time and later walked around the apartments. She LOVES walking outside. 

Later, husband came home and took us to North Park Mall for some more shopping. This is all that I wanted. 

Sunday: Church, of course. Then we found a little BBQ place to grab a bite to eat. We avoided large chain restaurants at all cost! Those places are crazy on Mother's Day. 

Later that afternoon we visited both mamma's. First Timothy's mom and then mine. We were exhausted by the end of the day. Timothy said my last MD gift was going to bed early. Ha! Best gift anyone could ever give me. 

Along with flowers, Timothy gave me a sweet, loving card and tickets to my favorite band, The Fray. I was one excited mama! However, it's never about the gifts. My favorite thing about this weekend was simply spending time with my family. That in itself is a blessing as I know not everyone can do the same for a variety of reasons. This was by far my favorite Mother's Day!

Till next time,
Alondra K

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