Thursday, May 1, 2014

My 'Go Away' Place

Hardly ever do I enjoy going somewhere on my own. 99% of the time I enjoy sightseeing with a friend, relative, or my other half. Sometimes, after a weird week, I need some time to myself. A time to just unwind and hear my own thoughts.

The small place in where I work is the perfect spot to do just that. So I take advantage of the free 2 hours I have before class to walk around and clear my head. Or try to anyway.

My love for taking pictures of, well, everything is a bit extreme. However, I've done it since I was a child. (My expense for disposable cameras was ridiculous back then.) Today, wanting to take a picture of a building lets me know that I am still me. That I'm not a completely different person.. though I wear many hats, more than ever before. It's my favorite thing about me. Obviously, I'm not expert. I'm hoping to get there someday.

Till next time,

Alondra K


  1. Catching up with your posts! Love the photos my dear :) wish I could tour pretty areas with you someday!

    1. Maybe someday, dear! Thank you for reading xx