Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Discipline Is Needed

Yesterday, our little one and I went to Target to buy a new bathing suit. Kayleigh has grown much since last summer. The old tiny bathing suits are proof. Shawn, my brother in law, met up with us to visit with his niece. After Kayleigh picked out her favorite swimsuit out of the colorful bunch, her uncle gave me a break and took her to roam around the red and white isles. I was easily found 10-15 minutes later. 

"I knew you would be here!" he said as he walked up to me. I was surrounded by notebooks and pens. The first thing many people learn about me is my love for paper and so when I am 'lost', there's a good chance you will be able to find me if there is some type of book/paper store near by. 

This journal was purchased because my small, red leather one from B&N was not working out. Much is written in my moments with God and I need space and lots of it. Recently, I've jumped into the book of Hosea and though I love His word I must admit, this hasn't been the most exciting read.

Not that there is anything wrong with any part of the bible. Hosea has been a bit more difficult to interpret and focus on than Proverbs was. I asked the question in one of the groups my church has on Facebook of how to discipline myself in reading the gospel even when it's hard to understand, read, or I am tired, sleepy (both are different!), or even *gasp* bored. 

A lovely woman of God said:

"discipline to read the bible is what makes us gain those spiritual muscles in the area where we may be weak."

There was no better way to put it. Discipline is needed. Fighting my flesh will sometimes be required. There is power in prayer. Pray before you read. Pray before you dive into and study his word. He will guide you and speak to your heart whether you read Genesis, Proverbs, Psalms, Hosea, etc. 

It's been a sweet revelation. So sweet I decided to start from scratch. New journal and also a new bible! Because this is is for sure falling apart. It's been loved on long enough. Will be introducing the new one tomorrow.

Till next time lovelies,

Alondra Karwowski

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