Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girl's Night

You know those moments where you just need a break? Moments where you would do anything for ten seconds of peace and quiet. I've come to know that I am not alone. My husband has these same thoughts some days. He never says anything, but I can tell. After asking him the same question for the 100th time and Kayleigh crying in the background because she wants more juice, I see the little man inside of him dying for just a couple hours alone with his PlayStation 4. Or whatever men do when they are alone. Yesterday, I decided to give him the day. Well, not the whole day since he still had to work but at least the last few hours of the day before sleep time.

I have to say, Kayleigh and I were not complaining. We needed some girl time ourselves. We first went to the church to help making scrapbooks for a foster care agency. I wouldn't call it helping since I love anything that has to do with crafts and paper, but we did have to sit through traffic soooooo..

Afterwards, we went to our (my) favorite place: Chick-Fil-A. It took everything in me not to get anything. I am currently trying to lose a few pounds so anything fried (or good) is on the no-no list.

Photos: Taken W/IPod

It was a great night indeed. I'm glad to have been able to have those special moments with my little one.
Till next time,
Alondra Karwowski

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  1. Ahh, she is so cute and I love Chickfila! xo