Friday, June 20, 2014

Kate Spade In Yellow

Though I can hardly contain my excitement, I won't bombard you with pictures of this thing. Mainly because I recently did a video of my set up here. What I will say is that I am so happy to have this lovely agenda. I have been searching for it for what feels like forever! I thought to myself, 'what do I have to trade for this?'. It had to be a miracle to find itself and that's when it hit me, my Kate Spade Zipped Agenda in coral. So I made a post and God got the message to the person who had this ray of sunshine. I say God because he does know our deepest desires, even if it's something as silly as an agenda. The trade happened and now it's here! 

Even as I held it in my hands I could not believe it. My first thought was 'I'm NEVER letting this go'. I can finally say that I am pretty content with my small collection as of right now.

Till next time,
Alondra Karwowski


  1. What is this model called? I know the very popular zipped model is called the Wellesley.

    1. The debra I believe. I'm like 95% sure tho.