Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Little Sister's Filofax

Last Saturday, my little sister slept over after taking her to see Maleficent (a must watch!) It was fun to have my little sister overnight and have missed sharing a room with her since I married my husband who was a trooper and slept on the couch for us. It amazes me to see how alike we are in both our interests and our hate for trying new foods. But mainly our love for paper.

Luz brought with her the lovely journal you see on the left and of course her Filofax which I gifted her (she forced me to give to her.) I'm glad to see it being used.

She doesn't have too much going on. Just a few things in the pockets I also gave her. Heck, lets just say she goes through my stationery boxes every time she visits and takes what her little heart desires. What really surprised me was the charm she added to her Filofax. I have seen many others do the same but what I thought was awesome is that she did this all on her own! She knows nothing of the large community of stationery addicts out there to see such inspiration.

There is a flyleaf along with the normal dividers plus extras. A notepad on the back and a pen loop I don't think she cares to use much of. I didn't go through each section since I was only given permission to show her diary section and as a planner person myself I know there are things I would rather not share with anyone, especially people I have never met.

It's pretty simple compared to my crazy weekly views of my own agenda but I still find it lovely to see. She took A LOT of my supplies home with her so I imagine it won't take long before her pages look a lot more colorful. 

I love how my siblings share the same love as I do. Especially my brothers. We may not talk everyday, but we can always be brought together by paper. My brothers aren't into agendas or journaling, but man they can sure draw up some awesome images sometimes out of pure imagination. 

Till next time,

Alondra Karwowski


  1. So sweet that you are still so close and share a love for paper and organization! We gave our daughter Filo's for Christmas and one loves hers while the other {oldest} isn't quite hooked. Yet.

    1. I love how you put that, 'Yet'.

      I think it's awesome how the love for paper runs through our blood. My mother says we got it from our father. He used to love to paint. (Though, my little sister and I don't have the same father so I'm not sure what excuse she has for that! hahah)